Eating Healthy While On A Budget

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It's wrong to think that having a tight budget can affect your health terribly. Working with a budget doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat properly. Though there are some meal planning challenges associated with a tight budget, it doesn't mean it should affect your health. When you leave in a really tough situation, budgets will even be of help. I'll be sharing some tips you can try out when you have a tight budget as it has been helpful over time.

Buying In Bulk

It's good to buy in bulk when on a budget, since that way you can get things cheaper. When we are talking about perishable goods, it's fine to consider how long the food stuffs will last. Like the photo above, it'll be wrong to buy baskets of blueberries when I know I'll only eat just a few in a week. Just buy what you really need in bulk, and not for buying sake. Remember you have a budget.

Preparing meals ahead

Food preparation is something else that should be considered. Since the budget is tight and you do not want food to waste, you have to check what is available in the fridge and buy what is really needed. It's best to prepare meals than buying since it's way cheaper. I'm a really bad cook, so recently I started learning a thing or two so I could be better in the kitchen.


Yeah, that's something that could be explored. There's usually discounts when purchasing from grocery stores nearby or online stores. There are coupons that are also made available for people buying in bulk. It feels really exciting when you get what you need for free. Just try to look around if your favourite store is having a food promo you're interested in.

Making Decisions

You have to be smart when making decisions so you can save a penny. When choosing meals, you have to try as much as possible to avoid processed foods and snacks - they are usually not healthy. Being smart when making decisions regarding food buying doesn't only save a penny, but also help with good health conditions.

Organising your fridge

It's not bad to leave leftovers in your fridge. But what if the fridge is filled with leftovers from even weeks ago??. When leftovers are lost in the fridge, it defeats the purpose of leaving the food in the first place. I think a step forward would be labelling leftovers with dates when they start to get really plenty. If you live in an area with an epileptic power supply, it's best too cook just what you can eat.

These are some tips that could work for you too. Do not feel you cannot be healthy just because you are on a tight budget. Having a budget is cool, it's something you should have if you don't already.

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I see that you've included the tag "nigeria" in your post. I would assume then that this post originates from Nigeria. We have a very similar problem in the US. Getting REAL food here is costly. It is much, much cheaper to purchase foods that include a multitude of chemicals or are frozen with tons of preservatives. Our major food suppliers seem to mostly rely heavily on GMO foods and using food chemicals designed by huge corporations (like Monsanto). I'm convinced this is not a healthy way to eat, so I usually pay the price tag for the organic and non-gmo foods. This is usually almost a 100% price increase. I could easily lower my grocery bill by purchasing cheaper foods, but I wonder at what cost is this to my long term health.


Yeah, you are correct. I'm from Nigeria. It's really best to try to get organic foods. Thanks for your contribution.

I have this habit of leaving left overs only to end up throwing it way, never thought that it had an impact on my income now I know better.
Always wanted to buy in bulk but am scared that it might water but now I know I only need to plan ahead before purchasing
And yes I won't forget to explore any discount available to me.

Very useful information ,, a very difficult thing for me is to arrange finances in terms of shopping ..

Nice we eat pretty healthy and these are all good tips

  • I find when I look at reipes sometimes I have to substitute vegetables for what is in season - this is a good way to save some extra pennys and till have yummy healthy food

This post has me feeling guilty. Piling up leftovers in the fridge have become somewhat a habit for me.

Buying in bulk? I'll definitely try that . Thanks for this.

It's wrong to think that having a tight budget can affect your health terribly. Working with a budget doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat properly..

You right on point on this one..

EXCELLENT PUBLICATION Japheth a greeting, it is good to cook only what you can eat,

excellent introduction to the subject - reSteemed

i totally agree with you brother @jaff8! " We can't control everything in our life, but we can control what we put in our body".

Hi friend @jaff8 to begin with I love the presentation that looks great, and for the rest thank you.
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It is true like you have rightly pointed out, it is less expenses to buy food stuff in quantities enough to carry you longer period and also it is time saving too
Great tips on management