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RE: Promote Steem Posts and Fund Budget Proposals with Our Voting Bot!

in #budget6 years ago (edited)

@jerrybanfield I just used it, and will get your first bot upvote of all times soon. A new thing for the history of the platform.

This is a great time to get SBD liquid assets now, and the voting bot will help you achieve this and get more funds for all the contributions and promotion you are doing for all the steemit community and platform.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Regards, @gold84

FYI: I sent 1 sbd and just received a 2.48 SBD Upvote from @jerrybanfield first time voting bot round! Thanks Jerry for adding this service for a good cause of the steemit community!


@gold84 thank you for continuing to promote posts with the bot!

@jerrybanfield thanks to you for creating the bot, and use it to the benefit of the steemit community. I think your ideas, will finally get the right path, sooner or later.

I have been posting a series of 20 ideas in order to improve the steemit front-end interface. The main idea behind this is to make it easier for new visitors and new members to learn important things from the platform, that will definitely increase the capture, and retain of many members, and I believe many inactive members will be active if this things were available.

Not everyone is like you and me searching for everything if we don't find it. Some people don't like to search that much or do not have the time to do so. So, if we make some features easier to undertstand and learn, I am convinced we can get a faster growth on steemit.

It will be perfect, when you get a chance to check some of this posts/ideas and give comments on how to develop them, or make them better.

Regards, @gold84

@tpot gives better returns.

Did you do the math right?

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