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RE: Hiring 1 Developer to Build a P2P Steem/USD Gateway!

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Please allow trading of Steem and SBD to and from AUD!!
I have introduced a few friends to Steem and this would make it sooo much more convenient than bittrex, steem into btc into ltc then send ltc onto coinspot then sell on market, or vice versa for powering up!


You can use AUD to buy and sell STEEM at

The only thing with is that they don't have wallet address for STEEM so if you want to cash out your STEEM to AUD you just have to exchange your STEEM to DOGE coin using blocktrades or bittrex then send it to to exchange it to fiat.

Definitely we will be including as many fiat currencies like AUD as possible to allow for maximum local trading! I expect we will be able to launch or quickly have almost every local currency and show local currencies by default.

That sounds incredible! Will follow you for future updates, cheers!

@cryptoeater thank you very much for following me just now! I followed you as well and took a look at your profile on

I see you have not voted for any witnesses at yet. Witness votes are the most important we make on Steem because witnesses create our blockchain in real time and are our chosen community leaders.

The easiest way to fully participate is to choose one person we trust as a "proxy" to make all of our witness votes for us. Will you please either add me to your witness votes or set me as a proxy at because this will empower you to indefinitely support me for witness and increase the funding for @budgets?

I'm getting into bed now, I'll definitely have a look tomorrow, thanks!

i added you as a witnesses

@cj31bbe thank you very much for setting me as your proxy!

I love the idea. To me its like PAYPAL meets UBER wraped up for steem. PAYPAL = P2P transactions UBER = Technology company (not a cab company) bye bye regulations!!

Don't forget to add RON(New Romanian Leu )

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