Travel Budget - Realistic Plan You Can Stick To

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Everyone plans their year around their vacation. It�s that one much anticipated time when we can lay back, enjoy the scenery, and leave all the stress of work behind. So you ask yourself, What�s it going to be this year? Are we going to the white sand beaches of Bali? Are we going museum hopping in Paris? Is our ski trip to Aspen long overdue?�

You could be anywhere in the planning stages of your dream trip. You could have just settled on a destination and booked your tickets and reservations. You could have just written down your list of top 10 places to go and are now saving up for when you can go.

Robuer with wooden stilts in the fishing village of Tind
How about a trip to Norway? Definitely, need to budget for it!

Whatever the case may be, one thing that you�re absolutely going to need is a travel budget. Why is that you ask? Well, it�s no surprise that a vacation can do a number on your bank account.

So it�s important that you plan ahead to resist the temptation of overspending. You could go on your vacation and charge everything on your credit card and not give a second thought about it. You�ll only go back home and realize that you�ve racked up quite the credit card bill. That would be more on your plate to deal with.

Plus, you've been planning your whole year around this. You don�t want to bring along the anxiety of not knowing what you can and cannot spend. You have to plan your budget, so you can be free to fully enjoy your vacation.

Not having a travel budget can even make your vacation turn disastrous. No one wants their vacation to end with not just good memories, but a couple of regrets too. Everybody has experienced that one point or another and having a travel budget is one step you can take to avoid experiencing that ever again.

travel budget

You want to get your money�s worth. After all, you worked so hard for it. You want to set aside some funds and know exactly where they can go towards. This will lift the stress off your vacation time. Stress is something you should leave behind, not something you should carry along with you. That just defeats the purpose of going on vacation in the first place, right?

Exactly how can a travel budget help you?

If now�s the time you�re planning the vacation, you can use your travel budget to plan it more realistically. This will limit your choice or airlines, hotels, tours, the list goes on. Don�t let the �L� word scare you off. That just means that with a travel budget, you�ll be able to do more things and visit more places.

If now�s the time you�re saving for your vacation, you can use your travel budget to set your savings goal. You�ll know what you want to do and what you have to spend on it. So that means you�ll also know how much you have to save.

If everything is packed and all your accommodations are booked, you can use your travel budget to know how much you can spend spontaneously.

Obviously, you won�t be able to plan everything ahead. The cool thing about going on vacation is that a lot of things can take you by surprise. Maybe you�ll want to try out something you just newly discovered. Maybe you want to eat a swanky local restaurant that comes highly recommended on Yelp.

Having a travel budget can help you say yes or no to these spontaneous whims and help you get the best out of your time out of town.

The best part about all this is that it�s not at all hard to do. But before we get into the details of how to create a great travel budget, it has to be clear to you that a travel budget is just a mere guide. It�s not there to be followed to a tee.

You have to create your budget with some allowances. Remember, you�re going to be dealing in estimates and you might make a mistake or two along the way.

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For students like me it is always hard to save enough money for a travel but it will be worth it in the end (in most cases) :)


I've been there myself :)