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RE: BuddyUP Safe Link

in #buddyup3 years ago

That phishing link scams are really making it harder for people to trust clicking links. I scouted several people for the Promo-mentors group this week and only a few responded

It is great what you are trying to do and enrich the commenting and community spirit here in Steemit.


It's a real shame but it was too be expected. I think it is just because a lot of people don't realize the ways to watch out for the dangers, so they just play it defensively; which is totally fine! I hope that by keeping all of the directions on the same platform, we can help people safely get over to the community.

Also, I want to give some form of guarantee that this post is safe to use for joining BuddyUP. I am considering making a standing point that all of our 'advertisements' for the community, in the comments, should not have an external link to them or people doing this will be banned from the community.

I'm going to consider this over the next week. It just means that we can steer BuddyUP's name away from any malicious attempts or directions to questionable sites. This could give us the position to deny any involvement with bad associations down the line.