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Jan23com Entry to buddyup Contest. Topic: Pride.

This contest was organized by The Buddy Up Group.

A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Definition from google dictionary.


If I manage to complete this post, I will have proud of myself, If it is condemned by others, that I missed the point of the contest. Or that my views are too extreme. The pride I have would diminish, as it is in the sharing of my thoughts and them being understood, which brings the pride of accomplishment. While the pride of efforts will not relinquish to criticism, the pride of result would fall.
This brings up a question. Should failure hold any pride?
I think it should, especially where effort has been put in. Well, If you do nothing it leaves exactly that to be proud of.
Pride could be described as a positive feeling you can generate for yourself.


We are often proud of the achievements of the sports-stars of our country or singers from our nation we hold pride in being from the same country. This is a shared pride and so long as we do not hear bad things about the celebrity we hold a national pride of their achievements.
So pride is not a personal thing then?
It appears not, everyone can share in your pride.
Pride could be described as a national feeling supporting the merits of an individual or team


On a personal level, I hold pride in my thoughts, how I see things can be and will be when more work together, to reach a common goal. I have pride in the fact I am taken steps forward and starting to walk the walk and not do so much talk. I am proud I have started to build this road and the pride I hold grows each time another joins the road and makes use of it. I am proud of what I try to do, I will hold pride in my effort no matter the result. I am unsure if it is pride, I do like when I help another, I can only do this with words as I have no finance. I do not feel pride in this helping of another until a time I see they have learned or improved in some manner from what I have said. I feel good knowing I have shared, and pride come later if the outcome is positive.
It could be said Pride is something you invest your efforts into, like the watering of a plant, the pride comes when it flowers.


There is a thing in the back of my mind about selfish-pride. Nonsense I say, Nonsense! there is no such thing. If something is preventing you from changing your views, that is not pride. That is ego. As we see above pride is something which can be shared, you do not have to give it away to share it. You can partake at times in the pride of others, without their consent. (they will not sue you) If selfish-pride existed, it would be able to be felt by others too. The actions of self-elevation are often a result of holding pride or others holding pride in you. But the reactions to this placed pride, are not always parts of pride itself. Other emotions, such as fear of failure, or being proven wrong. The alteration of the Ego's appearance should things not be just so. these are the things in which people say selfish pride prevents them, Nonsense, there is no good feeling in delusion it hold's no pride. Pride is built on the blocks of achievement. Not on the thoughts of the moment.
You could say Pride is the construction we built. If it is off balance, the building will fall.

Pride can be seen to many things in many ways and others which I have not mentioned here. It is of achievement, effort, completing or attempting. It is never from what we will not do.

Jan23com opinion on pride, or maybe what pride is not.
Written for the BuddyUp Discord group


You should be proud of how much you have donw

This is such a powerful topic to think about. Good to hear your voice in BuddyUp today.

Thank you, Like many topics, there is no one answer's fits everything, But sharing opinions helps to find what is acceptable as a community

I enjoyed reading your perspective on pride. I agree with pride in a way that it is even related to efforts, to knowing you have tried (and maybe did your best). Trying is already an achievement in itself, for you are facing fears and being courageous.

As well, I agree with the concept that ego is the one that holds people back; being unable to accept failure and such. I can understand the concept of shared pride. Maybe I do not understand as to why people feel proud of their national sports team, especially when they had no affect, influence, or direct relation to it.

For instance, I am Maltese, we tend to lose at everything (small country, low investment in art, culture and sports). I find it baffling to how we can perform badly, and many citizens will be "We are proud of you.", and in the same breath they accuse winners of cheating, unfairness, undeserving. Sometimes, that 'shared' or 'national' pride is a source of national ego, patriotic ego, which is as faulty as the personal ego. Unable to take defeat, having to bring those who tried harder and eventually won down. There is no fault in appreciating the efforts of the losers in competitions, however, this sort of 'pride', or ego, as you said, blocks people from celebrating with the winners. It's an interesting phenomenon.

What is intriguing is that all sides are right :) lol to a degree anyway. Pride is a thing similar to Love like that, it can be seen even though it holds no physical matter, it can be felt and not touched. It comes down to can we cowboy up when we are wrong or do we like outlaws draw our guns to fight. (just an after thought)

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