Idiot arguing with me about Buddha

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You don't seem very sure of your words when you block my ability to reply to ya.

Him: "You are the type of moron that beLIEves pretty words written on a page AKA "holy books." As these religions rape, murder, despoil the planet, they can always count on the morons like you to apologize for them. You'll completely ignore all their atrocities and focus on being a good little beLIEver because the words sound pretty. Hilarious that you think sacred prostitution was voluntary, these families literally sold their daughters into sex slavery when they weren't outright kidnapped. Show me one expert on Sumer or any culture that practiced sacred prostitution, where the women had ANY agency, they couldn't even own property. The big problem for me is when silly azz religious fanatics like you try to be intellectuals... just stop!! You are a true believer, not a rational thinker of any sort."

You didn't even understand what I said. But you're the one thinking you're smart here.

I'm not 'trying' to be intellectual. I mock intellectuals like you, and spit on you and roast you for trying to sound so smart, but proving yourselves to be fools. Being an "intellectual" is bad for spirituality. It's antithetical to being spiritual. Relying too heavily on the intellect, is too left brained, and cuts you off from your spirituality. From your spiritual powers. So being too intellectual makes it impossible to do anything spiritually, because you rationalize away absolutely everything as a coincidence. Or try to scientifically explain any and all things.

I already told you what they did. You're just believing the liars that demonized the whole Sacred Prostitution act.


I told you what Prostitute really meant back then. Everything you're complaining about, was done after the corruption of the original activity. Hinduism, Jainism, Seekism and Buddhism, are offshoots, branching off from the original called Aryan, Vedicism. They are not accurate to Aryan Vedicism at all.

Only example I need is Hinduism is vegetarian. Hinduism came from Aryan Vedicism. Hinduisms old Vedas, from Aryan Vedicism, say meat is the most important food. So Hinduism and Buddhism are false versions of the original activities, beliefs and deities.

And Sumer? Bitch please. That's new stuff compared to what Tabitha and I are talking about. I'm not an apologist, I'm correcting you, the one who believes the lies.

One example? Ok.


“The idea of sacred prostitution,” she says, “is almost entirely incomprehensible to the modern imagination. [Sacred prostitution] involved women having sex as an act of worship. It is completely unlike what we think of as prostitution today; the relationship between men and women in this ancient tradition is based on respect for the woman. She was seen as a powerful person. I was fascinated by how alien it seemed that there could be a sexual exchange of this kind that could support, as opposed to denigrate, a woman.” Sexual worship Although Lamb's performance piece Horae, which fuses narrative and image, music and dance, centres on the experience of a single woman as she undertakes the unusual rite of sexual worship, Lamb says she was as much interested in portraying "the relationship these women had with men. It is central to the piece, because what is so challenging to our assumptions is the fact that it was women who had the power."

That whole fucking website. For one. 'Sacred Prostitution': An ancient tradition based on respect for the woman.

All you know, and all you look into, is anything that confirms the belief you already decided you wanted to be true. Sumer? That's nothing. You think that's the oldest? The ARYAN RACE evolved 100 000 years ago. ARYAN VEDICISM, is original Hinduism named Sanatana Dharma, that we can verify is over 10 000 years old. Where Wotan/Odin/Woden and Shiva came from.

Aryan-European Wotan and Indo-Aryan Shiva. Coming from one source.

ARYAN GODS: WOTAN -By Armanen Priest Jake Laskey

"The INDO-European, Vedic, was actually a Germanic tribe that went to Northern India and brought the ARYAN philosophy with them. Isn't WOTAN Germanic?"

Mike VRIL Sledge - Sanatana Dharma. Aryan Vedic Texts. Indo-European Origins. The Aryan Original Spiritual Practices. Sanskrit, the Aryan Original Language. x-tianity was invented later, so it's fake

Him: "Of course your whole philosophy boils down to "blame the J's" like the rest of the moron club."

When you say that, you show just how foolish you really are. You show just how far behind you really are. You are an amateur, dood. A fucking rookie. But I suppose you think Satanists are the evil people running the world huh. Then you're just the idiot that fell for the jews deflection. Blame the Satanists in the Satanic Panic huh, when it was only christians and catholics that ended up being charged for any child trafficking or child sex abuse.

The moron club aye?


Tabitha White Wellness Radio


David Scorpio

Jeffrey Daugherty

Nina the Mystic

E.A Koetting

My Chinese friend on Discord


The Wolf Den

You're a moron if you're NOT blaming the joo. You live in the inverted reality they made for ya. You are wrong. Deal with it.

Now I'm gonna quote Woden, or Odin. OH but I suppose you think Thor fights Jormungand too dontcha? No Jormungand is the energy or life force of the Earth. They 'they-ey-ey' and christians really, made it into a SERPENT, because the SERPENT, was the most important symbol of all Ancient Heathenry and enemy of the x-tian/jews god.

And I'm talking about European Pagans. Not "Sumer" those are a different RACE with different Gods and beliefs. About 11 500 years ago, Aryans migrated from Atlantis to many places.

Until Atlantis sank, it was all Congoid, Australoid people in SUMER or any area of that region. Including da jooz.

Doggerland, ONE place the Aryan Race migrated to, has Runes of Woden and Thor and such. It sank about 7000 years ago. Ohhh but you probably think we all came from Out of Africa too dontcha?

Havamal. Words of The High One. Stanza 57 - Brand burns from brand until it is burnt out; fire is from fire quickened. Man to’ man becomes known by speech, but a fool by his bashful silence.

I corrected you, fool.

Havamal. Words of The High One. Stanza 122. - You should never exchange words with someone who won't see reason.

You are a fool.


Buddha HATES you 😡
On Buddha's opinions of women and humanity in general

The real problem you have here is very simple. I, am smarter, than you.

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And you don’t like that. You desperately want to show yourself to be the smartest guy on the planet.

How pathetic can you get?



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