Bubbles and joy

in bubbles •  last year

Please explain us why is a bubble? 

If a light in my house just broke it means my whole house is in danger? 

I just dont get why you call a market of 122 billions bubble

And far away… is not an american market, not the Spain or Greece Market, is a global market of 122 billions.Do you know how much is the S&P 500 market cap? Over 20 trillion.

So for my, your advice is like if one light in my house isn’t working and you come and tell me: “your house is gonna bring it down Run out the hell! The all damn house is a bubble, a catastrophic damn bubble”.

Please tell me what is a bubble and what is not? If the price of a Nike shoes is 150 usd is that a bubble of shoes? If the gold price is 1300 usd is that a bubble? If a cup of coffee cost 4 usd is that a bubble of coffee caused by Starbucks?You have to put the things in perspective and then talk: the money market -an example-- 

FOREX: 4 trillion per day.

Gold market -useless- 7 trillion total market cap!

Why the crypto market of 120 billion dollars, less than the whole cap of Alphabet market value of 600 billions, is a bubble. Just because some lucky fellows made a few millions bucks in 7 years. Well, that is the damn whole idea.

I guess you gonna say that the cannabis market is also a bubble.

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