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After so much time today I decided to participate in the @originalworks contest for this week, I had already told you many times about this contest and how it has been of great help to me. This week the topic is about XAYA to whom I have previously recommended under the name of CHIMAERA an innovative project with a team experienced in the area of blockchain and video games with experience gained from the Huntercoin and Namecoin projects that will take the concept of video games to the next level by creating an ecosystem that integrates video games to blockchain technology taking full advantage of the benefits.

Image taken from the official XAYA video and modified by me.

Games can impact your real life

When we look at the past the first video games seem boring compared to today, however the addiction has not changed much since then. Technologically speaking, the first games lacked graphics. Some object shown on screen and a goal to reach was enough for the player to undertake the challenge. I think the secret has always been to get into the player's mind and make the game part of itself. The graphics were improved by adding more colors and better sound. Soon came the consoles that had vibration in their controls for a better experience to the users and with it the vision of videogames was oriented in making that the user could feel it in some physical form, and it was not only about seeing and manipulating. The improvements did not take long to arrive, not only improved high definition graphics but also created virtual reality lenses, XAYA makes the experience more real by adding the concept of virtual assets through a system in which users are owners of everything they acquire in the game can exchange it for real money.

Scene from the movie Ready Player One

Digital Assets


When a company develops a video game the main idea is always to collect money, that's why many of the current video games allow you to buy objects or assets within the game system using real money but the opposite is not possible, for example I mention the game runescape in which you can use your money to acquire assets within the game but the sale of gold is widely prohibited and ends in the suspension of the account. Let's weigh a little, if I buy a sword in the game for $5 and then I can't sell it for real money then I never bought it, I only paid for the right to use it in the game but it was never really mine. This asset version changes with XAYA because it presents an ecosystem in which it takes advantage of blockchain technology to create tokens interchangeable in every game and even interchangeable for real money, so that if you find something valuable in the virtual world will also have value in the real world increasing the emotion of players and providing very real experiences.


Blockchain technology is known for its extensive security when tracking assets, XAYA provides a security that can be audited at any time so you can see your assets at all times, also presents a decentralized network avoiding the fall of the platform by failures of a server because it does not use servers, thus ensuring a 24 / 7 operation. It also has a friendly environment for developers in which they can create games with unlimited complexity. XAYA is in my opinion the next leap in technology for videogames.


There is a lot of promising information about XAYA, although I remind you that if you decide to invest something do it at your own risk.

For more information watch this short video!


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