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Steem is an interesting place where you can find an endless amount of content on almost any subject, the problem that most have with the platform is that there is no built-in notification system, this can be frustrating as you might miss out on mentions in comments and posts from other authors. This is where BuildTeam's GINAbot comes in to play!

What is GINAbot

GINAbot (Gina Instant Notification Alert bot) is a very unique Steem notification bot.

GINA can perform several functions which primarily revolve around sending notifications about new events on the Steem blockchain. Users can fine-tune GINA to provide notifications for transfers, memos, upvotes, follows, witness votes and unvotes, the return of Steem Power delegation and much more.

Currently, GINAbot communicates this information via the Discord chat app which is available for any platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.)

What are some of Gina's features?

Notifications can be set up for the following

  • comments
  • followers, unfollowers
  • mentions
  • word watch (mention of custom text in comments/posts)
  • resteems
  • new post from any author
  • new post with any tag
  • blacklist user(s) (no notifications about blacklisted user actions)
  • upvotes, downvotes
  • cancelling of votes
  • money transfer (in and/or out)
  • witness vote (with useful details)

How can I register for GINAbot services?

You can register to use GINAbot free of charge, to do so simply head on over to the BuildTeam Discord Server, find the GINAbot section of channels, click on 'instructions' and follow the steps outlined there.

We may change GINA's acronym to General Instant Notification Assistant, what do you think? Do you have any other ideas to be used in place of the word "General"? We would love to hear your feedback.

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General Instant Notification Assistant
Gather Instant Notification Assistant ?
Gina's Instant Notification Assistant ?
Get Instant Notification Assistant ?
Grab Instant Notification Assistant?
Geek Instant Notification Assistant?
Grand Instant Notification Assistant?

How about Guided or Genuine? Great progress! I need to get this setup as it may be a missing piece of my journey on Discord!

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Interesting application to not miss any Steemit event. I really find it very practical.
One question: do you know if GINA is supported with AI? It would be great if the algorithm "learned" about our tastes and thus the notifications would be more precise, we would use our time more and we would not have "false positives".

anyone here heard of onot before? last week theyre giving away a car now travel packages and more! just looking for feedbacks cause im not that familiar with it.

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