Poloniex and BTS

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I"m happy to inform the community that the trading facilities in BTS on Poloniex.com are operational again.

Annemieke Dirkes
[email protected]

BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Zutphenseweg 6
7418 AJ Deventer
The Netherlands
Registration: KVK-66190169

  • Official Public Face and sole Spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain {more}
  • BitShares Blockchain Foundation was elected as official spokesperson and public face of BitShares at 18th of October 2017 {more}

This is good news

Any news on Steem deposits/withdrawals on Poloniex? Those are also disabled.

Wow! So I can trade my beloved BitShares again on poloniex. Thanks for the info @bitshares.fdn.

You should trade on DEX

The "trading facilities" were never down. Just the deposit/withdraw function.

Time to withdraw BTS. If poloniex be upgrading their node(s) to the new bitshares core release...better to hurry up in case there are problems.

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