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Wow.. May has been a rather interesting month! Lets look down on what has happened.

  1. We lost the server running the pool at my own home. By the looks of it, someone splashed cleaning fluid up into the open case that I had opened to work on some hard drive issues. 1 motherboard dead. Eventually i will get the computer running again and use only as a miner. We moved to SolVPS and got everything working... with a few headaches.. but it working.

  2. We began to use part of the pool funds to purchase tickets in the Ant Lottery. (http://lotto.lextoshi.uk) At the moment, our pool voted to purchase 1 ticket per 5 blocks we win. Well, first week we won the lottery, and the payback softened the blow from the incident in point 3.

  3. Now, Lexpool is designed to be a base, able to be modified to meet the needs of the pool owner and pool community. Making code changes to a live pool is always dangerous.. and I created a bug that didn't crash the pool, but did not pay out blocks and wiped everyone's pending balance. Very bad. I took steps to try to pay a fair rate to the miners, and got at least some payment out to them, but it wiped out our balance. Thankfully, we won the lotto and got that balance back!

In addition, we have made a few changes in the Discord Chat server. Cesmak has been officially given the keys to be able to restart the pool if I am asleep or away. We also have 2 Help Desk minions to assist us.. Icarusfixius and Gambie. We have also began to create a manual for the pool containing important information and links. We will also be importing that here.

What do we got to look forward to in June? BTFG will be issuing assets! BTFG Pool will own 50% of it at all times, and 50% of pool fees and dividends from other assets are paid in dividends. I will be aiming to set IPO price for there to be a 3-12 month ROI for the asset, depending on pools voting.

Thank you and Happy Bursting!

PS. Special thank you to @Lexicon for helping us quickly pay the missing funds to our miners. Also thank you to sayem for the creation of a snazzy new how it works page!

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burst will be 1k? soon?

Finally i'm here.... Nice to read this freshly newsletter... Happy to help the pool to grow.