Dividend Report 03Jun17

24 days ago
36 in btfg

Starting balance: 0
Received in fees: 202.48999999
Dividend Paid (2 shareholders): 50.62 + 1 each, 103.24 total

Asset Purchase: 2 UniBurst @ 32.9 each, total 65.8+1
Ending Balance: 32.44999999

Note, BTFG Asset not currently trading, waiting on ID confirm. This is to begin building historical data

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  ·  24 days ago

sorry i will not encourage anyone to involve in asset buying.

  ·  24 days ago

That is ok. :) I wont be actively trying to sell the asset via this platform.. that's what the asset forum on the burst-team.us is for! But this is a great platform to report and store the weekly dividend info