BTFG Asset Information

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Asset Name: BurstPool
Asset ID: 9036920395530551012
Price: Variable (see below)
Total Shares: 1,000,000
Payout: Weekly

BTFG Pool (BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX) will own 50% of the shares as a kickback to our Pool Miners.

BTFG (2RPL-BCG9-AK34-6FXYN) will be the account the rest of the shares are bought and sold from.

Income comes from Pool Fees and from Assets BTFG Pool owns.

50% of weekly income minus transaction fees will be distributed as dividends to shareholders. Other 50% will be used for either asset purchases, or to offset server costs.

Prices that we will sell shares at will be set to aim for a 6 month ROI for investors, and will change week to week. The forumla for the price will be

Blocks we mined in last 10 days * 18 * Avg Expected Block Reward * 0.0025 /1,000,000

where average expected block reward = (Current block reward + .95^5*Current block reward)/2

Example: As of writing this the block reward is 1840. The average would be (1840 + .95^5*1840) = 1631.88

Month 1 is 1840
Month 2 is 1748
Month 3 is 1660
Month 4 is 1577
Month 5 is 1498
Month 6 is 1423

Average is 1624.33 which is within 0.5% of the calculated value above, close enough to use

We have mined 35 blocks in last 10 days, which means dividends per share over 180 days assuming we keep same mining average is

35 * 18 * 1631.88 * 0.0025 /1,000,000 = about 0.0026
which would be the sell price per share to aim for about a 6 month roi.

This value will be calculated weekly after dividends paid