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BitcoinZ has just released

This will be BTCZs payment gateway that can be used for payments over your own website.
The API is well documented in the site from above and it BTCZ team released 2 e-commerce plugins:

  1. IPBoard with IPNexus v4.x
  2. CubeCart v6.x.x

Do have a check over in order to understand the following:

  1. how to create a gateway
  2. how to fetch data from existing gateway
  3. pingback information
  4. other information (you will only receive a pingback with the states of expired or completed).

Do not forget that BTCZ has near zero fee & is a fast transfer cryptocurrency.

This is also called Bitcoin 2.0 as it has Bitcoin soul (community driven with no dev fee, no pre-mine, no airdrop and no ICO) and uses Zcash technology (T (transparent) or Z (private) addresses also known as zkSNARKs).

Do come and join the BitcoinZ train, we`re in for a great ride!


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