Bitcoinz changed algo to Zhash

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So you're probably wondering what's going on with BTCz project?
Well, algo has been change at block 160K, this took place yesterday, the 17th of June 2018.

Since then, the SOLs aren't showing anymore as 420 Sol/s on a GTX 1070. Right now, I get about 30 Sol/s.
BUT, also the difficulty has been changed from 50K to 5K.

The ROI instead from my point of view, has increased.
Previously I was mining sort of 300-400 coins per day (on classic Equihash).
Now, since Zhash, in 20 hours i mined ~ 900 coins per day.

Check out the post above for EWBF's v0.2 released for Zhash.

Or checkout BitcoinZ GUI miner if you're more familiar with GUI interfaces:!Anpyja7J!ZgGJ9Hv-pKksxz1ui1q41gU6mQ79dHYbNbV56hQjnzw

Check out low below equipool's header:

OR, grab a copy of EquiMiner, one of the easiest and best integrated miner tools for Equihash/Zhash coins:

More details on and props to equipool for doing just a great job as always!
PROPS to BTCz team and to everybody that is involved into this movement.

Come and join the BTCz family.
We are many and we are decentralized, like true cryptos should be.
You'll come to HODL, you'll stay for the community!

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