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in btcninjas •  9 months ago

Hi everyone .... Last night my son @spiftheninja set the ALL-TIME RECORD for mining hash rate on the main BitcoinLatina pool website. As far as we can tell no one has ever surpassed the 10 G hash rate. Early this morning the hash rate was seen by miners at an amazing rate of 10.02 G hash rate. WOW! Way to go spifdo! It was producing payouts of over 625+ coins in 3 hrs. That is amazing! We are committed to the success of BCL and will continue to mine until the June cut-off date! >>>> Collecting old lures and fishing gear is a hobby for many a fisherman! My eBay website is listed on my home page. Thanks for viewing! Please FOLLOW ME @lurehound for more fishing lure collectibles, historical items, outdoor photos and more FUN! Please Upvote & Follow me...

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Thanks minerhound! Lol. You forgot to mention that you're in 4th place in that photo! hahah :) :)



You are right, actually I was 4th and I now have over 1555 since the swap!!! Wow! WE LOVE BCL!!!!

Great post guys :) Gonna have to play some catch up on this BCL !



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nice post @lurehound

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What are you using to mine BCL. I'm trying to learn more about this. What equipment would I need?


Claymore miner or other ETH chain miner, and graphics cards of your choice. (Dagger-Hashimoto algo.)