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What Is Melecoin

MELECOIN may be a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment, and e-commerce. we've gathered the simplest achievements of our predecessors within the field of electronic currency, which aims to unravel the issues of electronic commerce, banking services, and smart investments, and expand the scope to the most important possible slice in Creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to make a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternate source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.
MELECOIN Token could also be used as a sort of payment or MELECOIN open-end credit is often used as a sort of payment as both are supported by an equivalent registered gold bullion in an LBMA refinery.
MELECOIN Token can either be stored during a “ wallet ” that's connected to the web or stored during a “ cold” ledger wallet that's disconnected from the web.
MELECOIN Tokens are redeemable upon request at any time against the allocated “ Gold Bullion”, located during an LBMA refinery.
MELECOIN Tokens are backed by physical gold that's a hedge against, “ fiat currencies ” that depreciate with inflation and monetary manipulations and regulations.
MELECOIN Tokens are security that's resistant to potential economical and financial uncertainties and/or crisis backed by physical gold as historical records, demonstrate that physical gold features a proven diary in history as a stable bastion useful.

Backgroud of Melecoin

MELECOIN Investment Limited (Registered Number: 3242) the company is based in Riyadh, the dominion of Saudi Arabia, and incorporated in December 2015 MELECOIN Investments was established for the precise purpose to permit individuals that are seeking to secure their cash (fiat currency) with physical gold and have the ability to transfer between physical gold and take advantage of real-time during a secure, “ blockchain” ecosystem. (MELECOIN Token System was designed for this purpose) MELECOIN Investment was an early investor within the Bitcoin market and he became aware of the high volatility and risky nature of investing in cryptocurrencies.
Mr. MELECOIN then realized that a crypto (blockchain) system backed by gold bullion on a secure platform would allow individuals to possess the secure, safe, and efficient method of hedging against the volatile.


Goals of Melecoin

Establishment of projects in various areas of decentralization, like the sale of products and therefore, the sale of services and the field of games and the field of tourism and other areas linked to Blockchain Technology.
Processing the means of payment systems Cash and convert it into encrypted currency.
we provide solutions in currency conversion to services, goods, and cash.
We keep in step with developments and appearance for appropriate solutions to make A level of balance and completion of projects where the source of monetary gain for users may be a platform loyalty system in our applications, e-services, and attractive offers of the commodity.



E-Commerce Platform

Is a platform built on the smart transaction system that links all commercial means of contracts, bonds, assets, goods, and services to the target of Blockchain Technology, a logarithmic mantra that will solve many problems with electronic and traditional commerce.

Bank Platform

Is an electronic platform for trading money and open channels of multiple clouds, deposit and transfer, transfers, and therefore the implementation of banking transactions using blockchain system Technology.

Real Estate Platform

Which aims to exchange paperwork processes - like signing a short-lived sale or purchase contract or loan application - with a digital license. this could allow users to send a licensed, encrypted, and signed interim agreement by the customer to chose banks under the Blockchain System Technology.

Mining Platform

Mining is one among the foremost profitable projects. additionally to supporting currency mining, the foremost profitable currencies are mined consistent with market studies.

Loyalty Program Platform

Is a platform that works between the trader and therefore the customer to scale back the important fees to stimulate the customer's rewards and aims to realize trust between the parties.

Games Platform

No more losing of your time and therefore the waste of cash anymore, this platform with the Blockchain system has been established to distribute profits to players so on create a balance between developers of games and players.

Melecoin Technology

In order to implement the foremost trustworthy and transparent operational system, and to differentiate the MELECOIN Token from all other tokens in circulation, MELECOIN entered into a Confidential Agreement so as to use a proprietary software technology with a singular number within the sort of a QR code (for each debit card) that's scanned and registered into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains alongside the precise MELECOIN Token that it backs, linked to the serial number of each gold bullion bar.
The Ethereum architecture is employed within the exposed perspective to secure the physical asset. MELECOIN I. T. infrastructure enables the digitalization of physical gold into a token and a public smart contract on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. This is where MELECOIN Ethereum smart contract comes into action.
The MELECOIN Token is an ERC compatible token easily integrated with exchange platforms and other contracts. Consequently, a MELECOIN Token holder can easily transfer their tokens to a licensed Ethereum address by employing the transfer function of the contract and signing the transaction with the corresponding private key.


Token Information

Token Name: MELECOIN Token - MELC
Token Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
First Stage: Start: 01-05-2020 End: 31-05-2020
First Stage Bonus: 01%
Second Stage: Start: 01-06-2020 End: 30-06-2020
Second Stage Bonus: 01%
Third Stage: Start: 01-07-2020 End: 31-07-2020
Third Stage Bonus: 01%


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