CEZO - The Operating System for DApps

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Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Tokens are
terms intrinsically tied to the emerging technology
that is Decentralized Applications or dApps and its
revolutionary potential for changing multiple industrial landscapes. Promising widespread applications,
massive scalability, and significant paradigm shift potential, these burgeoning programs are already being
hailed because the way forward for the knowledge age. [1]
Along with the thrill leveled at the prospects of
dApps, however, also are a good sort of legal and
legislative concerns attributed to the increase of this technology. Because it's a good range of uses which will
replace traditional options in numerous public and personal sectors, the economic, social, regulatory, and financial implications have led to closer scrutiny. [2] As
such, the sheer potential of dApps prompts the question of what proportion it'll upend existing industries.


The CEZO Solution will provide out-of-chain computing for smart contracts and dApp development capabilities during a fully decentralized way because CEZO goes to be a Linux-based system which can operate through a RISC-V architecture, so CEZO will allow your dApp to be used through an honest kind of enterprises, so all CEZO customers who wish to outsource computing will all have the CEZO solution during a couple of clicks so everyone can all using data storage, most are getting to be able to use for market forecasts most are getting to be able to use as mining pools for cryptocurrencies because the CEZO platform goes to be supported ethereum's blockchain platform because CEZO will allow the proven security and efficiency of smart contracts, are often efficient with computing and storage outside the chain generally because the CEZO solution is usually categorized as a subroutine which can make it unique and fully efficient because CEZO has solved and may help by increasing the amount of processes which can be performed on the Ethereum network, as CEZO was created to be a model that compensates for the slowness in computing and data transmission through traditional Blockchain throughput, thus providing it'll be a two-tier processing solution through simultaneous processing, as cezo dApp aims to leverage Blockchain services and improves broader adoption of technology in most sectors in most sectors generally because,
CEZO will help within the creation of the newest dApp services through the likelihood of providing additional computing speeds for other existing DApps on the market all are getting to benefit and much of others are getting to be able to enjoy the expansion of the adoption of blockchain technology generally CEZO are going to be a bridge to the event of CEZO supported the Linux system through an extra node, which may not be directly connected to the foremost block, will allow calculations out of the chain much faster than seen nowadays during this manner CEZO goes to be a solution to but within the marketplace for more information visit the situation and skim the white paper for but technical details.

Benefits CEZO

There are several main benefits that accompany using the off-chain computation that's offered by CEZO, chief of which is reducing bandwidth load. There are many instances where it instancesuggested that less decentralization was the answer , but this is often often simply not the case. Off-chain computation provides a workable middle ground where calculations are done much faster and where they're dispute resolutions in place without completely centralizing.

This will then address several key areas where Blockchain and dApp adoption is currently suffering. For
businesses and governments, the use of dApps that are significantly faster would even be huge, particularly where instantaneous transactions are concerned. quite that, the Nakatomi-based crypto market is additionally expected to determine a surge in use once the matter of holdup is addressed.

Token Information

Token Name: CEZO
Token Symbol: CEZ
Mining rewards: 36%
Team: 25%
Public sale: 15%
Reserve Fund: 8%
Private sale: 10%
Bounty and events: 6%
Contract Address: 0xFEbc25f4c5fc3E90a7eFaE0b4d436A77c9e131B3
Total Supply: 9,900,000,000 CEZ

More Information

Website: https://cezo.io/
Whitepaper: https://cezo.io/CEZO_wp_1.01.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cezo_io
Telegram: https://t.me/cezo_io
GitHub: https://github.com/cezo-os
Medium: https://medium.com/@cezo_io


BTT Username: tokensairdrops
BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2759673
ETH Address: 0xffcF948300971D2aDd667fE9c17Ddfe42607DdEc

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