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I am still sort of new in the cryptocurrency movement. Based off of everything i've researched, and became acquainted with I feel a vast amount of Trust in the current market.

I feel as if it's still in it's overall infancy, and those of us in it now even with small amount of pocket change invested will see amazing results in the long run. Possibly even more gains in comparison to the bubble.

Coinbase told it's customers earlier today that they will suspend all BTC transactions over the next 24/48 hours, and that we will not have access to any of the BCC that will be created during the hard fork.

I'm not entirely sure how it works, but i'm assuming that when there is a hard fork in a currency. It is similar to when a "stock" splits. Those who already own shares end up with double the amount of shares. Maybe i'm wrong, but what is coinbase going to do with all of the BCC that is created by those of us that are keeping out BTC inside of the coinbase wallet system.

Will they keep it behind closed doors and gain that wealth for themselves? If this is the case I see massive lawsuits forming int he meantime against them for doing this. While on the other hand I see the position they take as a legit business move because of the hard process they've taken to bring about BTC, ETH, and LTC onto their site. Out of the thousands of Cryptocurrencies. They have only chosen these three, for now.

Anyways I want to know everyone's thoughts, feelings, and actions relating to this current paradigm. What is everyone going to do about it, and what are your future projections based off of this. So far it seems the hype behind this current situation is actually getting more people to openly invest in BTC. Where has a few months ago when this topic first got brought up. It was scaring people that were already invested, and most people that have youtube channels, forums, and other mediums to discuss these topics thought that this situation was going to lead to a major decline in BTC value.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to all of you responding, and helping clarify all aspects of this current situation.

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