bull gone (not yet)

in btc •  last year  (edited)

As you can see guys we are continuously in downtrend for last week. we crossed 6800 and then saw a bull run to 8400. every one of us expecting bull run to 9k then 12 k etc.

Especially the ETF made the hype and we also saw some good news. But what happened then.

We were facing difficulty to break 8400 and after some consolidation we came down to 7500.

As far as I know 5 companies applied for ETF. One of them were rejected.

So now question is will we see bull run next or going down like previous week.

We are in now decision step. we will see some random up and down here.

I am not thinking to long here. I will wait for 6800 level. if we see some reversal candle then we can take entry.

6800 is .618 fibo level. so trend may reverse from there.

So now I am just waiting for good entry...

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice only my opinion..

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