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Friends, hello. I've been doing research for a long time about making money on the internet.
I found a new application.
Logic is very similar to instagram only the only difference is instant photo. So we have no choice from the gallery.


The application works as follows.
Every time you add photos and every time you like them, you win sp and these Sps get you up. You get more shotcoin at each level.

The app has a market. You can translate these shotcoins into etherium, play market credits, starbucks and appstore credits.

We subscribe to the site and download the application and edit our profile. At first, he gives us 13 shotscoins after editing this profile.


There is only 1 depth that can be made from a reference member.

You can write to us for a detailed description.

Along with the Direct Message (DM) feature, you can write to me for the topics you want to ask and ask.

images (2).jpeg

I hope we all win.

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