How about making crypto money in the background while using your computer?

in #btc5 years ago

After installing the plugin in the web browser, you select your ’Mining‘ speed (Low-Normal-High). As long as your browser stays open, the satoshis that you earn in 10-15 minutes are added to your account. If you log off from your Google, Facebook, or VK account, you won't lose the satoshy that you earn by closing the browser.

You can stop the mining process at any time.


The most important feature that makes this site different from other mining sites is that your earnings change according to the membership tree you are registering, and the members who can reach up to 1 btc per day are registered to the system.

You can register this tree from the link below and start to mine in one of the best bitcoin trees without having to start from scratch.
Once you have registered, all you have to do is watch how much you earn, there is a promise of effortless and abundant gains. I leave the registration link for friends who want to try:LINK IS HERE!

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