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01832b6b-9a25-4ab4-bbb8-86b5e852f3ee.jpg is a community-driven project focused on offering lucrative yields for different types of the token.

Users can lend out ETH or other ERC20 tokens on platforms like Aave, Compound, and more. This process of farming

ETH results in earning either a fixed or variable interest rate, which is determined by governance on the smart contract.

There is a limit embed in the pool which is decided by governance at which they are overfilled and all tokens pooled are
used to market CRT purchase which will be distributed to pool contributors.

NO Airdrop

NO Presale

100% fair chance for everybody

$CRT launch in less than 15hrs - there was no presale, so everyone has a fair shot at it!


Telegram group:





CRT Token contract:
Squeeze contract:
Governance contract: shortly

total supply: 20,000

Distribution :

10% development allocation

2.5% contributors

2.5% initial liquidity

65% Squeeze Pool staking rewards

20% LP rewards

Squeeze Pool #1 will be deployed. Any user can deposit ETH into the Squeeze Pool contract. Once the target has been reached funds are used to market purchase CRT and distributed to pool participants.

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