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It is September 8th, 2018

BTC dominance is currently at 54.8% (+0.1%). The total market cap is currently at $204.8 billion (+ $0.0 billion). The market volume of last 24h was $11.6 billion (- $1.5 billion).

The ranging time is still on! The market is ranging between 6300 and 6500 price areas. As it is weekend, we may see continuation of this ranging market for next 48h. This type of market is accumulation for next move! In this market condition that move is more likely going to be one more leg down! Over the next 48 hours, we may see test of 6600 price and maybe 6700. But in the current market conditions we do not expect to see price higher than that!

You have to know that the price is always affected by all news, rumors and etc! I see most people are saying that BTC will go up because Goldman Sachs news was fake. Price is already affected by that news and it's over! That news is 24h old and price didnt go up! I am not saying uptrend is not going to happen but just that we need something else to happen in order to see uptrend!

In general, our team is very bullish on BTC as an investmnet but when we are talking about trading, it is time to think only about short entries! Trade with the trend to maximize your gains!

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