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It is September 25th, 2018

BTC dominance is currently at 53.0% (+ 1.7%). The total market cap is currently at $210.4 billion (- $15.4 billion). The market volume of the last 24h was $14.4 billion (+ 1.0 billion).

Fundamental analysis

US: Crypto Industry Reps, Lawmakers, Venture Capitalists to Discuss Regulatory Landscape

HODL No More? The Amount of Bitcoin in Active Wallets Is Near Record Highs

Cryptocurrency Prices Highly Correlated to Regulatory Action: Central Bank Report

Technical analysis

Daily time frame :

Yesterdays daily close initiated this drop to mid bollinger band! I told yesterday if we see close below EMA 50, it will trigger midbb as a target! Now, it is on support (mid bb and horizontal area).

H4 time frame :

This is not bullish at all! Double close below low bollinger band with increase in volume on 2nd close!

We are waiting for consolidation on horuly time frame to get some triggers! At the moment it is very bearish and it has chance to close below midbb on D1 that would be very bearish for BTC. But in the same tine we are looking for long triggers because if case of bounce off and daily close above 6600 would be very bullish! So, at the moment both options are possible so we are looking for both entries!

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