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in btc •  4 months ago


IT IS CLEAR THAT THE GURUS NOW ARE CHANGING THEIR POLICY, after they have fucked the bitcoin prices, they are now attacking with full power the doge coin markets by fake trends

guys be aware

it is fake movement, do not buy dogecoin, it will go down... why ?

simple and easy

since day one dogecoin is hanged with a tight bond with the bitcoin, btc up, doge coin up... btc fucked down... doge coin fucked more down....

but now

btc moving in side channel

but doge coin is trending up why ? why ?

the gurus are fed up and they decided to move the markers by choosing the dogecoin as it is cheap and many fool small investors will jump to the wave and then boooooom they will be fucked by low price trending down by gurus action


do not buy doge coin

mine doge coin - yes better but do not buy it

It is being said and you are the loser if you buy doge coin now !!

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