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Just got a text message from my friend to check out my Coinbase account. I'm all like "my BTC is not on Coinbase, it's off-exchange right now." And he's like "no go on there and look!" So I log on and I see this:


So I go on Coinmarketcap and see this:


Significantly lower I see, so I'm wondering to myself, what gives? Then he texts me again and says that you can't trade it on Coinbase yet. So what the hell is going on here? If it's not trading, and they're listing it at $8500, it looks an awful lot to me like Coinbase is trying to help Roger Ver and company pump BCH and finish off the coup that he and a few others started a few weeks ago.

What are your thoughts? Is this just some honest error that Coinbase has made or are they intentionally manipulating public sentiment with this? I gotta say, looks damn suspicious to me. Also helps explain the formerly inexplicable pullback in BTC today and the BCH pump that went with it.

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I was just telling my wife the same thing. And how did millions of dollars of BCH show up instantly? Why was the starting price at $9500? This whole thing was orchestrated...


Yeah, I saw that they have it at $9500 on GDAX along with $8500 on Coinbase. No trading going on though, so that price is definitely not real. But people might think it is. Kind of like when there was that confusion between bitcoin cash and bitconnect ticker symbols when BCH first went online and there was a huge selloff of "BCC" on all the exchanges. Ugh. So annoyed.


Now that they fixed the system and dumped all the BCH, get ready for the BTC pump

From a programmers perspective, it looks like they don't have the back end price ticker working yet. So, they just have it set at whatever price the programmer typed in.

I bet the programmer just thought it was funny.

Trouble is... this kind of happening has often been foretelling.