ETHUSD OVERVIEW Murray Math Lines Price Action Targets

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Friends, like yesterday I said in
my old post that ETHUSD Target $225
Achived & Next Target $235 . My Old Post👇

Ethusd Daily Chart Murray Math
Line According to Trading Strategy
Price is at this time 3\8 Traded
Price is rising to 4\8
Murray Math Line According to
Trading Strategy Price goes up to 4\8
Buy EthUsd $220 Target $235


Ethusd 4Hour
Chart Murray Math
Line According to Trading Strategy
Price is at this time 2\8 Traded
Price is rising to 3\8
This is a thorough proof that
the prize will go up here .


You were Murray Math lines my friends
To understand trading strategies .
Image upload I am doing .
Murray Math lines

This graphic illustrates the following:

8/8: Hardest line to rise above (overbought)
7/8: Fast reverse line (weak)
6/8: Pivot reverse line
5/8: Upper trading range

4/8: Major reversal line
3/8: Lower trading range
2/8: Pivot reverse line
1/8: Fast reverse line (weak)
0/8: Hardest line to fall below (oversold)

Price is between 3/8 and 5/8 MML's about 43% of the time.


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@nituanuj786 thanks for shearing your knowledge. is ETH will hit all time high end of this year looking for your opinion

Thanks for your response

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