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The internet which currently serve the entire world the opportunity to communicate is highly monitored and also censored. Mostly depending on geo-location and government policies. Data over the internet could be traced, hacked hijacked on transit. Even with the level of security provided by top I.T security companies, we still here hear stories of data breach, successful hacking attempts and various forms of internet flaws.

All these are as a result of a centralized internet protocols and port numbers. The internet works with IP Addresses, which are set of numbers assigned to computers, internet devices, mobile phones, etc to communicate and share information over a public or private Network. These addresses are made available by a centralized body called INTERNET ASSIGNED NUMBER AUTHORITY. For a device to communicate over the network (public or private) an IP address must be assigned. These addresses are divided into classes,

CLASS A, for domains with small Network and Large clients.
CLASS B, For domains with medium networks and medium clients.
Class C for domains with small clients and Large Network.

Each class contain both private and public address. Most organizations combine both address. Private address for inter communications (intranet), while public for internet communication. With the aid of protocols like TCP,IP ,SMTP, DNS, DHCP, information can be transmitted over network(wired or wireless).

ARE there underlying problems been experienced in the internet? yes.

We are running out of IP Address fast. The world populations is raising at an alarming rate. Already IP v4 has been depleted. Small companies were assigned large block of addresses causing dormant ip address. Also it became a problem reallocation those addresses to another company or individual since it has been bought and assigned to some else. Although this issue was resolved using subnetting. Problem still persist.

Are there network congestion? Yes. Most protocols are been bugged due to service requests and so many others.
Is the internet centralized? Yes it is. From the creation of RPKI, A data collection set of all legitimate IP prefix owners, AS numbers and ROAs which is centrally operated to IP address allocation and delegation data. In this aspect, a block chain platform was developed to tackle the issue of IP address distribution to prevent central IP management. Inblock was implemented as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on etherum block chain smart contract.



JACS offers its members Free JACS IP address blocks as long as you are a valid IP v4 block owner. This is a free gift to Internet service providers. The blocks will serve for a long propose. JACS also offers individuals that are not owners of IP Address blocks an opportunity to own JACS IP Address block. The JACS address blocks are affordable and it is a one-time payment.

According to your usage history, and because it’s all recorded permanently over the block chain, your assigned block(s) may be banned globally if it turns out that you’re abusing their usage intentionally.
There will be a code of usage and ethics that will be an integral part of the block chain consensus, meaning it’s and all its future edits are subject to the community, if the community agrees to change part of it or even change it all altogether, this will be done and applied accordingly.

The JACS Block chain project aims to use the NSAP address to improve and provide more IP address using the GOSIP version 2 structure in terms of overall structure as well as treating the last 7 octets of the NSAP address as 6 octets ID and 1 last octet as the NSEL. This leaves 13 octets prefix that JACS can manipulate for further NSAP addresses allocations.




• Address allocation
• Address registry
• Route Origin verification and validation
• Security of allocation and advertisement, thus preventing any security breach in the Internet routing system, i.e. BGP Hijacking
• Crowdfunding (private Sale, Pre –Crowdfund and public Crowdfund)
• Rewarding for existing IPv4 blocks owners
• Incentivizing the community and early adopters


JACS has a total supply of 229 = 536,870,912 token which will be equivalent to the JACS ip address. Built on the ethereum block chain platform.
A breakdown of how the token will be utilized.

Crowdfund (62.5%):



Reserve (18.75%):

Team (6.25%)

Company (12.5%)

Rewards (18.75%):

IPv4 Owners (12.5%)

Adopters as Enablers (3.125%)

Bounty (1.563%)

Airdrop (1.563%)

You can follow up for more information about JACS, by visit the following site:
WEBSITE: https://www.jacs.tech/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Moustafaamin77
WHITEPAPER: https://www.jacs.tech/white-paper
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/jacstech
POA: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5281069.msg55353146#msg55353146

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