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The principle in every investment is the same,


I believe. Know what product you're investing and see how they perform in the past few years. Buy when low, sell when high and etc. I'd suggest you to learn some basics stuff about trading because it might help you in deciding at what time you should enter the market, even if you plan to invest for long-term. Just remember that price cycle in crypto and stock is different, and that's why you should be more patience when investing in cryptocurrency.

Because of its relatively young age, the cryptocurrency market is an ecosystem that is very difficult to guess and often confusing. Many people are trapped in it.

They are people who buy Cryptocurrencies naively and brutally at the peak of prices and don't want to first understand the basics of Crypto and trading, instead of making a quick profit, many of them are bankrupt and depressed because of market mechanisms.

Therefore, before investing crypto, you must learn and understand in advance about the basics of Cryptocurrency


Thank you for your interest in my subject

you are welcome :)

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thank you for post

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