Oh dear BTC!

in btc •  19 days ago

Excuse me I am busy watching this BTC pump!

But joking aside, this is precisely what we need. A clear break out from the downtrend. This sort of pump, volume and buying energy is what is needed to draw some attention and get people on the sidelines ready to fire.






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This is a good news, it brightens the mind and put a smile across the face. The bull is awake

Oh, dear crypto space in general! 🤗 It’s so great the fun is coming back!

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The fomo is strong :)

Funny thing to happen right along April Fools. This will look awesome on history books :)

Holy mac BTC just hit over 5000$...did somebody had a fat finger that is incredible.

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short squeeeeeeeeeeze

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Exactly, now the FOMO can start to settle in again, and soon enough we'll be aiming to the moon again.