Is anyone of you able to buy the BAKKT Futures?

in btc •  12 days ago 

Would be interested to see how?

Asking for a friend?

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I believe they are for institutional clients only...

That would explain why they have no volume

Haha yes it does. I believe it will ramp up slowly from what I have read. If 6 months from now the volumes still look like this, they will have some issues...

yea the whole institution only approach does not make sense to me unless you want to have a way for institutions to accumulate bitcoin and not the public like you may have with gold.

also why would you exclude customers. but what do I know

Good question. It may have to do with regulations, IE in order to sell products to retail you need different licenses etc, but I am just guessing here. Also, supposedly there are institutions out there that want to get involved with bitcoin but are not able to via unregulated crypto exchanges, so Bakkt provides the bridge for them.