I love bitcoin

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The power of bitcoin

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Money in the pocket is always a good thing. Hindsight is 20/20

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Ok, just my oppinion.

But real estate is wayyy better of an investment than bitcoin.

I mean, bitcoin COULD theoretically crash at any second, if the solar flares of the sun or whatever wipes out all electricity/internet from our planet.

Then any real estate would go up like 1000x at least :D

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We can all have our opinion. Thats how markets are formed

If all electricity and the internet were wiped out most real estate would crash in value, especially anything urban.

Fair argument, can't find anything to go against that.

My house price has doubled since 2015. Better investment than BTC. But if BTC hits its last high i will do okay ;p

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Do you know where bitcoin was in 2015?

But congrats on your house. I am building a house and am pretty sure that its value has decreased already

Lol nope. Im guessing way down? Had I invested Im sure I would have bought another house, but i didnt even know about BTC then. The property prices where I am are stupid prices... a 20K block 1990 now sells in same place for 1.6 million. Stupid money. I cant biy where i grew up.

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Lucky him for timing the markets. Asset allocation and diversification are important.

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And there are some people leaving crypto because they don't want to feel the risk... This shows how well BTC is recognized and valued.

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I don't really consider buying a home an "investment" in terms of something to make money off of. It's a place to live. Home ownership has its advantages and disadvantages but if you are buying a home as an "investment", you are doing it wrong. As far as real estate truly as an investment, it just seems like too much of a hassle to me.