I am getting really bullish

in #btc2 months ago (edited)


I have always been waiting for a breakout of from the bear market and a followed up correction.

After that is the safest way to invest into bitcoin.

After the current price action It looks to me like this moment this phase of the market has just started.

Of course we are not out of the woods just yet. We have to break 7900, which is the last high.

Still this looks promising.


Breaking the last high is not of any significance. It may still be a large B wave which could easily reach 9200 and still drop once again to 5500.
Only the count will show otherwise.

Hmm interesting, we will see the next few month what will happen...

A graph in the crypto sphere does not seem to work well, as we have seen in the last two years.

Hypervawe says it will rise, no doubt, @knircky. The last graph of my post holds a line similar to yours, only starting from the beginning of 2016. If someone wants to buy, now is the right time :)

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that pump recently too shows some good sign but charts says a complete different story hopefully we might see a big run from here onwards :)