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Bitcoin is .. DEAD!!

Can we reanimate?


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Yay 😁

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This is what come out with italian browser:

I had some interesting results:

From my mobile Firefox browser, I got this;

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The third one is quite interesting

It’s funnier in German :)
Not just dead, but clinically dead!! 😄


I´ve got some interesting results:

I get about the same result on google...
It is probably more fun to look at the auto complete on your own smartphone keyboard...
I do not use an auto complete keyboard so I tryed DuckDuckGo.

Bitcoin is.jpg

Got same on Google app so tried Safari:


My key ..... good play

I got same like yours..

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I like the "Bitcoin is it a bubble waiting to burst or a good investment" haha

bitcoin is it.png

Screenshot 2019-01-04 10.24.43.png

Seeing all the autocompletions it seems we are probably bottomed out. Is there some way to get the 2017 autocomplete results?

It is better if one uses their phone’s suggestions as it is way more personalized.

Bitcoin is not quite a big move to a long way for you and the way you do the work.

Posted using Partiko iOS example of which type of blockchain... or illegal...

...which type of currency...

Interesting experiment, i am clearly into research/analytics :-)

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I got bitcoin is dead.

Autocomplete gives me-
Bitcoin is a great way to make a hat.
My knitting sense is tingling... there must be a hat coming on!


I've always tracked the search interest. It typically mirrors price action. We can see a slight bump at the end of November and it's been falling since. I'd expect that with these types of results and lack of interest, the search trends in your box are probably what the most searches are in this trend in general. So, definitely not a lot of positivity in terms of search interests.

I got this
Thanks for the bounty @knircky

This is my result:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-06 um 00.58.14.png

...Dead, but awesome =)


Bitcoin is dead

Google (21:01; 06.01.2018 via IPhone)

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Then same on ecosia.
Bitcoin ist tot
Bitcoin is dead
Bitcoin island

So ecosia search engine wants to know if bitcoin is dead or is an island

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 09.53.00.png