Is BTC fall imminent ? How low Bitcoin will go ?

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Nobody predicted so fast recovery? After bull run for past two month from 4000$ to almost 9000$, traders and holders lost a ground a little bit.
Will we see Bitcoin correction to 6000 ? or lower ?
It would be healthy to have one.
Whales could make bull trap for us..... Bitcoin market still very manipulative.
We have interesting TA setup right now.

bull run.jpg

If you been in crypto market 2017 you probably will remember this setup....

old triangle.jpg

After parabolic run in 2017 we reached 19 000$ it was a top side of triangle. Then we broke upper side and went to 20 000$
And all we have fresh memories what happened we had parabolic run, but it was run down !
I think this time we will go other way.

Today we have same TA but different scenario. FOMO not yet around the retail buyers. Plus big investors who plane to go long, wont be selling at this levels, at least big part of them. Plus we still have buyers who will accumulate at 6000+
We will have strong support zone if price decide to go south. If not you can take some short time profit around 10 000 it can be strong level and round number. People like round numbers !

What do you think
Is Bitcoin going to fall after parabolic run this time ?
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