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What is Travelvee?

Travelvee - Innovative Booking Platform! Oriented directly to the market for unoccupied rooms - which will be sold on exclusive terms, which are discussed between the hotel and the buyer - confidentially, of course with the help of Travelvee platform.

Travelvee is a decentralized community of people who choose the best among exclusive offers for the purchase of hotel and tourist services of all levels, made only by them at their request from participants of the Travelvee platform: hotels, resorts, villas, chalets, apartments, cottages, gempling, houses for holidays, motels, hostels.

The unique economics of the TRAVEL token is designed for super profits for token holders. The estimated increase in the price of the TRAVEL token during the first 2 years will be at least 100%. How this result will be achieved is described in detail in the Whitepaper and the TRAVEL Token section.

Travelvee team is also decided to burn all tokens within the 2 years which is used by their clients.

Token Sale

symbol: TRAVEL
standart: ERC - 20
Decimal: 18
Smart contract: 0x38a811bb19665E9f4FF4061FA4b7e0Cca92507BA


Also, you can pay TRAVEL token to anyone, by prior arrangement, of course.

Especially interesting is the economy of the TRAVEL token. The Travelvee team establishes this rule: the first 2 years of the Travelvee platform - all TRAVEL tokens received from customers (hotels and other tourist sites) will be completely burned. The development, implementation and popularization of the Travelvee website will take place at the expense of funds raised by ICO. During the third year of the Travelvee platform, 50% of TRAVEL tokens received as an annual subscription fee from subscribers (hotels and other tourist sites) will be burned. During the 4th and 5th years of the platform operation, 30% and 20% of the tokens will be burned, respectively. At the end of the 5th year of the platform operation and further on, we will always burn 10% of the tokens received from subscribers (hotels and other tourist sites).



They Burn TRAVEL tokens according to the stated program will lead to a sharp decrease in their number and I think it will be good for this project so I invest little amount in it rest if you want to invest then do your own research.

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