0.01 BTC giveaway #1 (continue...)

in #btc4 years ago (edited)

Hi all steemiters,

I am going to giving out 0.01BTC to who upvote and comment this post.

There is going to be 1 winner and it will be announces 7 days later (2-August).

Please also follow me if you like my giveaway.

Hopefully I can bring you guys this type of giveaway once a week.

The draw will be placed if there are more than 20 upvotes (I think it sounds fair...)

EDIT: sad that there was only few upvotes in last round =[


My friend, a kind reminder here.
#cn tag is stand for chinese.
However, no chinese was detected in this article.
Please use wisely for your tag,thank you.

Sorry, my bad...
I just deleted it =]

we should follow each other to more earn
if you agree then reply me and vote for me