0.01 BTC giveaway #1

in #btc4 years ago (edited)

Hi all steemiters,

I am going to giving out 0.01BTC to who upvote and comment this post.

There is going to be 1 winner and it will be announces 7 days later (2-August).

Please also follow me if you like my giveaway.

Hopefully I can bring you guys this type of giveaway once a week.

EDIT: Sorry to adding this now but the draw will be placed if there are more than 20 upvotes (I think it sounds fair...)


Great post !!!
Follow me and i will follow you !!!
And lets do the upvote and comments exchange !!!

Great giveaway...hope I will win

nice giveaway. Thanks for this. done following you.

Oh! Nice one!! I am game!!! I have done everything you asked... Won't mind some good satoshis in this my hustling life...

Is this really true? But its already 8 days ago and it seems not yet reach even a half of 20 votes. Hope to win if this will be continued. Thank you