We, the cypherines.

in btc •  2 years ago

I'm in the cryptos before the ASIC machines. The trully potential of BTC  in those times was promising: a true 2P2 form of exchange. Those were  the times of wikileaks, silk road, dotcom, tor... an amazing group of  cryptoanarchist. Freedom, true freedom: free speech, free markets, free  information. Then came the pools, then the ASIC machines, then the cloud  mining stores. Some coins created their own rules to avoid the  centralization of mining power: DASH -X11- , XMR -cryptonight-. In 2013  some of us were very enthusiastic about the new altcoins,  ASIC-resistent: UROCOIN, a coin for the world UREA market, CANNABISCOIN  -it used to promesed 1 cann: 1 gram in Arizona... Then Chine bring in  his enthusiastic approach, you know, like the Matrix scene where  millions of persons are creating energy: gigantic warehouses with  machines mining BTC -some few pools controlling the mayority of hashing  power-  and so, the prices, the demand and supply. Some exchanges: the  p2p idea become P2exchange2P fact. The greed came harder than in the  subprime crisis. We all know what happened next: exchanges bankrupcy,  DAO's Bailouts, splits, blood, crisis, insults, splits. Now here we are:  another split, just one more coin... far far away from the  crypto-anarchist ideal... but also far far away from central banks. An  smaller form of cartel. Everybody want a piece of the cake. Are we all  cynical? Is like another scene of Matrix, the one where Chyper told to  the agent: "I know this steak isnt real, but i dont mind, i prefer this  to the shitty food of the Morfeo's mothership".

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