BTC morning update 02.03.18

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iSHS pattern alert again. This is actually a very good sign. This pattern has a high right shoulder again. The last time this happened, BTC was ultimately pushed from 8,300$ to 20,000$.

To be fair, I must admit, that this pattern is much smaller than the last one, but it still has the potential to push BTC significantly above the downtrend line and thus create a new uptrend that could lead to 40,000$.


The minimum tartget of this pattern is 12,000$.

image (5).png
If you think this to be useful information:
image (5).png
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image (5).png
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Slowly but surely trending upward!

This really is good news! Looking forward to the rise!

if it cross it,it will be ripping.

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Agree, once we pass $12000, we are heading to $17000.

Price absorb sellers at $10400, $10700 and $11000. Next sellers await at $11600 (red circle).

Very nice! Patience pays off ladies and gentlemen.

thanks for this update. i always believe the value of this steem will rise. investing will be the best for now

Above 12000 FOMO kicks in again and this time Bitcoin scales much better so fees will probably not be such an issue than they were last time and I honestly think that was the real reason why Bitcoin dipped. Exciting times ahead!

Amazing posting. Keep up the good work. @stbrians appreciated this post.

its a great news..
i think its very valuable....

Last week bit coin not good

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