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RE: BTC update 04.06.18

in #btc4 years ago

GREAT. A big thank you. I've already told you that I was paying more attention to your posts than Haejin's, for many reasons that I won't be discussing here.

I will increase my upvote reward with what I can to make sure you get what you deserve.

Looking forward to reading you more often then (which was great already and more frequent than not).

Now the limelight's on you!


Thanks. Why did you stop your TA by the way? If you do it by yourself regularly, it accelerates the learning curve.

I still do, everyday; you've no idea how serious I got on this. But I just don't have enough time to write articles and post them, mostly because of my job and my lil' family.

I still enjoy reading others' ideas and analysis. It's more of a pleasant read and a form of entertainment to me!

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