Sooo.. there is a new Ponzi in town ?! - Proof of weak hands ( I actualy like this one )steemCreated with Sketch.

in btc •  8 months ago

Yeah , a brand new ICO-Ponzi has arisen... but this time it's different ?

It might be different and I actually like it , why ?
1 : Its based on a smart contract that create AND burns tokens just like ICO's .. remember : the ERC20 tokens
2 : It's transparent - read the smart contract here : ( under Contract Source )
3 : I can withdraw all funds at any given time .. no waiting

It's actually well made , see for yourself :
( Yes that's also my Masternode / referral link )

Ok enough shilling - do your own research and give me a feedback

P.S. I might even code a reinvest Bot for this one - keep tuned !

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