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Bitcoin is seeing an interesting drop in price thanks to Russia's attack on Ukraine today.

The price has dropped to 34,300 where the support wall of the bearish channel was, which we can bounce off of perfectly. Any negative/positive news from the world will be very important for the market now and will probably decide the next market action, be it crypto/forex/Au,Ag,oil, gas etc.

Nearest important resistance: 36.300-37.400

Nearest important supports: 34.600-34.000, 33.300-32.600, 31.300, 30.950, 30.300, 30.100, 28.880.

Right now, I am NOT at all inclined to look below 28.880 in the next few days as the market and people are moving their money into the stable (+-$180,000,000,000) which may put some pressure on the upcoming bullish move. That's why I think the big players won't let the price fall to such critical levels like $22,000, if only because crypto is very well positioned for the future nowadays and the market situation is unlike anything we saw in the 2017-2018 cycle, for example.

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