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About the project

The aim of BQT is to build a community and culture of Crypto Traders utilizing the Platform, helping the community and benefiting from the community. BQT Exchange Platform provides secure, interactive and flexible P2P Trading Environment and user-friendly interface for its community to manage various types of transactions consisting of many crypto assets. BQT platform allows traders globally to negotiate their Crypto Asset trades directly interacting with each other and sharing their experience with the community.To leverage holdings of various Crypto Assets, BQT introducing the revolutionary Hedge Trades system. Unlike Margins and Futures Trading, BQT Hedge Trade system is a flexible method for Traders of acquiring Crypto Assets for a short-term period by means of escrow of their existing Crypto holdings. This revolutionary approach allows Crypto Traders leverage their Crypto Holdings to acquire a significant number of additional Crypto Assets they believe in without a need of a traditional margin trade. 



The BQT P2P platform uses the secure and decentralized benefits of Blockchain, providing flexible functionality for traders around the world.Each module and database is programmed using various encryption methods and guarantees confidentiality and protection for Traders. The 2FA configuration is the necessary setting for each trader profile. 



Many projects and companies have emerged to provide products and services that facilitate the use of e-money for key users and build infrastructure for applications that run on blocking blocks. public. While the electronic money industry consists of many important actors and groups, there are four major electronic money industries today:

  • Exchange
  • Wallet
  • Payment companies
  • Mining


Exchange is one of the first services to emerge in the electronic money industry: while the first exchange was established in early 2010 as a project that allowed users to early trade bitcoin and thereby market price. In today's world, Crypto Exchanges offers the service of buying and selling electronic money and other digital assets for the national currency and other electronic money and plays an essential role in the electronic money economy. by providing a market for liquidity and price discovery.

Exchange P2P broker

In the last few weeks of March 2018, localbitcoins and other trading volume on the P2P platform have witnessed a sharp increase in miscellaneous markets, with global volume rising to 75 million USD per week. Canadian and European P2P markets are producing record volumes. BTC / IDR transactions generated a record IDR 580 million weekly in March on Localbitcoins, while Vietnam's P2P transaction produced the second highest volume with an increase of 3.725 billion VND.

Binance element succeeded

Out of the ICO, Binance has rapidly grown in popularity by creating a much simpler approach to trading and now it is a real alternative for Bittrex and other major trading platforms. Some Binance items have proven to increase market acceptance:a. Become independent exchange FIAT as well, a legal aspect associated with it.
b. Allows your traders to quickly open accounts to trade.
c. Use your own token for use with transaction fees with a 50% discount.
d. List multiple Post-ICO ERC20 tags and transaction pairs showing Blockchain's promise of innovation and use of tokens.
e. Allows large daily withdrawals and quick deposits from multiple coin wallets / different tokens.

Commercial fence capabilities

While many Blockchain specialists are trying to find more ways to marry CRYPTO with FIAT, the MB believes in reducing its dependence on FIAT altogether. Each Crypto property has its value and can be used as a negotiating tool to get another Crypto property. They believe that the need to acquire Crypto's desired assets can be realized with significant provision of various Crypto assets and negotiated directly by the trader. In addition, they believe that the market now requires a capability to protect their encryption assets in a short time to get other Crypto shares.Although difficult to implement margin trading and options in real P2P environments, the Team BQ has developed an innovative and powerful tool that allows traders to create short-term hedge transactions. .

Number of active users

The number of active users of the current electronic wallet is estimated to be between 2.9 million and 5.8 million, according to a new report from the Cambridge Alternative Finance Center.Although it is almost impossible to know exactly how many people use electronic money, using data obtained from study participants and assuming that an individual holds an average of two wallets, the Financial Center Cambridge estimates that 2.9 million to 5.8 million users are using electronic wallets in 2017. 



In July 2018, BQT launches its initial coin placement (ICO) campaign, releasing 200,000,000 ERC20 tokens (BQTX) minted at the end of the ICO.BQT charges a 1% fee for instant transactions and a 3% deposit for hedge trades. All fees are payable ONLY with BQTX tokens to provide liquidity and use for tokens. In addition, BQTX tokens can be used as collateral for certain transactions or added as collateral.50% of the remuneration will be distributed quarterly during the first three years of the Exchange's operations as follows:

  • 20% for the original ICO token holders
  • 15% top-traders
  • 15% for partner partners


  • 800 BQTX TOKENS = 1 ETH

A total of 800,000,000 Tokens Authorized, 200,000,000 tokens issued during the ICO, 600,000,000 tokens will be frozen and will be released only as needed for expansion, market-marketing and loyalty programs to maintain tokens' liquidity (up to 10% per year) . 



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