Get $80 FREE BTC if you transfer crypto to Celsius and keep it there for 30 days

in #btc2 years ago

Almost sounds like one of these too good to be true, but please confirm for yourself that Celsius is a top 100 crypto and that they already have more than 2 Billions worth of dollars under management. I would use them even if there was no sign up bonus, as I can get interest on the crypto and stable coins that I hold there. If you are interested why not get additionally 80 usd worth of BTC, though?

Here's the process:

Step 1: Create an account with my referral code / link below Use my referral code 1590122d9e or the link below for $40 free BTC on a $400 deposit: Please double check that the referral code is there when signing up as it can bug out on the app and have to be input manually.

Step 2: Enter the promo code below After signing up go to profile > promo, and enter the code below: BTC40 - Deposit $400 or more in supported crypto for $40 free Bitcoin

Step 3: Make a deposit Deposits and their rewards: - A deposit of $400 will yield $80 BTC reward || BTC40 + referral will activate

You can deposit any supported crypto, including stable-coins.

Once you deposit your rewards will be locked for 30 days, in order for them to unlock you must maintain your balance by keeping your deposit in Celsius.


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