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Its been a while since I posted and felt like maybe I needed to tell anyone interested what I have done lately with my meager crypto holdings. Before you read any further PLEASE understand that there is no crystal ball in my possession. Like most of you reading this I listen to a vast array of people discussing this new phenomenon and obviously half are going to be right and the other half is going to be wrong. So what do I do? Notice I didn't tell you what you should do but I only said what I do. Quite simply I take a decent profit when the opportunity presents itself. Having said this, after the recent drop a few days ago in lite coin and bitcoin cash, eth, etc I believed it was a good entry point and bought a small amount. By the next day it went up substantially so I sold a portion of my holdings. Why? Because I do not like to leave money on the table. Could it go up higher? Of course. Will it? Only God knows, but I am not going to be greedy and wait for that. I will probably buy back if it crashes down again, but in the mean time I am still happy to have a little dry powder (cash) for the next price drop. And one other thing, please do not speculate with what you cannot afford to lose, and do not put all your hope on one crypto coin no matter how tempting. This is probably the stuff of the future, but there will be a lot of worthless coins drop out over time. Do your own homework, check your emotions at the door, and always diversify over several coins. Remember, there is only faith backing any of them!

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Its like gambling. Never bet anything you cant afford to lose.

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