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LOOKS like some are not giving up on B2X

Heres a article that i found and would like to share.
This seems to be the reason BTC is bouncing.

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I have a conspiracy theory brewing. Did you know that CME, who recently announced upcoming BTC futures, also owns Coinbase, Coindesk, and Digital Currency Group, the group that sponsored Segwit2x. We certainly know that this group has a large amount of BCH (from coinbase customers).
Why not launch Seg2x to attack BTC, and have BCH in reserve to pick up the pieces? What if CME plans to really launch BCH futures? All they really have to do is have coinbase rename BCH, BTC after the seg2x carnage. Look for increase in BTC hash power before the fork, that will be redirected to BCH after the fork. Coinbase will claim they have to list the chain with the most hash power, and Coindesk will handle the rest.

take a look at this and date.

Hi Change, can you please share something about llbo. thx

I️ wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. A lot of shady stuff going on. Maybe I️ should by some bch just in case.

take a look at this and date.

BTC and BCH want to destroy each other.
My BTC transfer yesterday took 3 hours
friend of mine is still waiting after 12hrs for transfer.
BTG might solve this issues

anything's possible ,
some are saying that segwit2x was a distraction to and for BTG
which made many call it all types of names ,
The favs for many was scam coin , shitcoin.
my point is many thing happen that are calculated that we don't see.
eitherway now that's B2X is off I'm in btg , "the peoples bitcoin"
lets see if a big community develops with the cpu mining .
I'm in for the trade for now

keep us updated sir... we need this your f** fast with the info bro...

bought a ton of BTG- BITCOIN GOLD on hitbc
starts trading this sunday ...