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Lights, Camera, Slots!

Destroy Skynet or find the treasures of Maya while playing games at BetFury. The best collection of Movie Slots with the highest rewards and coolest features!

Circus Of Horror
Game Art
Are you afraid of clowns? Not those friendly guys with cards and rabbits we are talking about creepy creatures with horrifying makeup and balloons like Pennywise…The most successful horror movie of all times is “IT” (from Andrés Muschietti). Game Art chose this character as the main symbol in their Circus Of Horror. But remember that true reward and Big Wins come to the bravest users. It is the perfect time to fight your fears and monetize them!
Gamble Feature; Electric Chair Bonus;Sticky Wild; Bloody Wild
Min.Bets: 0.5 USD/EUR

Mystery Of Eldorado
Adventures of Indiana Jones are the most exciting in the history of cinematography. Artifacts, magic, german soldiers, and fringe surviving! So why can't we feel ourselves, real treasure hunters? Play this masterpiece from Endorphina and find all references to Indiana Jones :)
Free Games; Risk Games; Scatter Symbol
Min Bets: 0.01 USD/EUR

DaVinci Codex

“DaVinci Code” movie became a “Gold Standard” of riddle movies and today you can find elements to Code of DaVinci even in Slots! DaVinci Codex from GameArt is full of references to the original movie - secret communities, maps, and of course - Cryptex! Find Treasures of DaVinci and you will discover secrets of Jackpots and Big Wins!
VINCI Feature; Free Spins; Scatter Symbol
Min.Bets: 0.5 USD

Spartan King
Sparta is the homeland for true warriors! Fearless and powerful - they have never surrendered to anyone! Get ready to conquer another civilization with the King of Sparta and grab the rewards!
Wild Symbol; Free Spins
Min.Bets: 0.2 USD/EUR

Blood Lust


Satisfy your thirsty desire with this game from ELK Provider. If you like vampire movies you will like this Slot! References to Twilight and Dracula will satisfy every vampire fan.
Divine love of immortal creatures will amuse and bring a lot of profit to everyone!
Respin Symbol; Boosted Stacks; Bonus Symbol
Min.Bets: 0.2 USD/EUR

Terminator 2
Microgaming Branded
The best sequel of all times made by James Cameron has its own Slot variation from Microgaming Branded. Everybody knows this movie, everyone remembers that soundtrack and thumb scene - it is a cult movie for all times!
Let’s stop the Skynet one more time and earn a lot of prizes for that!
T-800 Vision Mode; Free Spins; Scatter Symbols; Wild Symbols
Min.Bet: 0.3 USD/EUR

Poisoned Apple

Do you know that Snow-white was the first cartoon from Walt Disney which was awarded an Oscar?
A fairytale about the beauty and 7 dwarfs and cruel witch with a poisoned apple is the base of Slot from Booongo. Colors, arts, sounds, and even characters - everything looks like in the original Disney Cartoon, but instead of a prince, you will get Big Wins here! With this Slot, you will become the 8th dwarf - The Lucky One :)
Mirror Wild; Goals; Free Spins
Min.Bets: 0.2 USD/EUR

Victorious Vikings
A legend about north warriors is becoming popular every year. Video Games, movies, music, and of course - serial! Yeah “Vikings” is one of the most popular shows on the “History” channel. Gamblers Valhalla is here! In this Slot, you will find a lot of cool features and insane rewards for true “Vikings” fans!
Cascading Feature; Viking Clone Feature; Colossal Free Spins
Min.Bet: 0.2 USD/EUR

Agent X mission
The most famous spy in history is James Bond. A Playboy, a gentleman, a genius and a killer - combination of a perfect movie Character. Mr.Slotty made a huge reference to the most Famous franchise about British Spy - Agent 007! Gadgets, beautiful and sexy women and of course charismatic villains will entertain you in this Slot, while you will grab all the Jackpots one by one!
His name is X - Agent X.
Wild Symbol; Free Spins
Min.Bets: 0.01 USD/EUR

Jurassic World
Microgaming Branded
The primal fear of giant predators - Dinosaurs is the main reason for the popularity of Jurassic Park for more than 30 years! A mix of horror, journey movie, and savage prehistoric culture became one of the most successful franchises of all times! Explore this specific world with Owen and Claire to find the hidden Jackpots and Big Wins.
Indominuts Feature; Free Spins; Wild and Scatter Symbols
Mi.Bets: 0.3 USD/EUR

Sherlock a Scandal in Bohemia


Last but not least is one most important British symbol - Sherlock Holmes! A detective with unique and unusual methods has visited big and small screens more than 100 times and every person in the world from Buckingham Palace to Taj Mahal knows who Sherlock Holmes is. So let’s find answers for all questions in this crime with the legendary detective!
The Newspaper Bonus Game; Paparazzi Bonus Game; Wild Symbols
Min. Bets: 0.1 USD/EUR

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